Elisha Needed Music to Prophesy (Pt 3)

When some men desired that Elisha ask God something on their behalf, Elisha responded, “’bring me a musician.’ And when the musician played, the hand of the Lord came upon him” (2 Ki 3:15).

Again, we find in this passage another example of presence-music. Elisha knows from the get-go of the request that a musician will help him engage God for a prophetic answer. It is then specifically as the musician plays that “the hand of the Lord” comes upon Him. Commenting on this expression as it’s used in the book of Ezekiel, Michael Heiser says,

this phrase, “the hand of the Lord was upon me,” “the hand of the Lord came upon me,” “the hand of the lord was strong upon me”—those kinds of things—most scholars…. would say that the point of the language is that the presence of God has some sort of palpable effect—like you can feel it. Is this a possession? It’s probably too strong of a term. Maybe a compulsion, there’s this palpable feeling of a compulsion. I hate to use words like energy because they sound so new age and they’re misconstrued. Basically, when the presence of God was there and God wants Ezekiel to do something, he can feel it and there’s something to that. There’s something experiential that goes beyond just hearing when the Spirit of God is doing something with him.

Now we don’t know how quickly the hand of the Lord came upon Elisha, but I’d suggest it wasn’t instant. He simply let the tradition handed down by the prophets of old take root in his practice. He joined in music and waited until the presence showed up.

Do you want to hear the voice of God? Then use worship music to your advantage. It’s more powerful than you’ve been told. As one modern day prophet notes,

Worship creates the supernatural culture in which the voice of the Lord can be heard. Worship and intimacy with God have an enormous amount to do with the prophetic release. In fact, you can always tell if the true prophetic is flowing because it results in people giving testimony about how great Jesus is.

Heiser, Michael S. and Ronn Johnson. “Ezekiel 2-3.” The Naked Bible Podcast. Ep. 113. August 14, 2016. http://www.nakedbiblepodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Transcript-113-Ezekiel-2-3.pdf

Goll, James W. et al. Adventures in the Prophetic. Shippensburg, Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., 2010, p. 20.

This is an excerpt from my book, The Rush and the Rest.

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