Featured on Relevant Magazine

Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling through Facebook today and saw a link to my own work on Relevant Magazine’s webpage! While technically this excerpt from my book, A Taste of Jesus, was published on their page about two years ago, I had no expectation to see it republished.

My heart immediately started pumping as I was afraid to read the comments people were leaving on the Facebook link. Fortunately, however, it feels as though God has protected my heart in reading through them. In the past, angry or bitter comments had a way of getting under my skin and depressing me. But it seems God has helped me grow to have petty remarks bounce off of me and important critiques to not rip my heart apart.

So that being said, I invite you to check out my republished article, “If Everyone in Your Church Is Just Like You, You Have a Problem.”

You can also check out A Taste of Jesus (and my other books) on Amazon. Here’s a review from one reader:

A great way to grow your faith. Though it isn’t always easy to read. There are parts of this will really challenge you on your faith journey, but it will definitely help you grow. Jamin has a way with words that gets to your heart and helps you reflect so can grow in your faith. Great book!

-E Reader

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