JXN Harm Reduction

I ended up on the news this week after an interviewer reached out to me about our group JXN Harm Reduction. We started this group sometime back as an effort to fight the opioid epidemic that our city is facing.

Our method at JXN Harm Reduction may sound a bit backwards, but it’s all aimed at recovery. Our team mostly consists of medical professionals and what we’re now able to do in Jackson (thanks to the city helping us with some legal ordinances) has already been tested in other cities and has helped lead more into recovery. If there’s one thing you learn in ministry, it’s that to help people out of the muck they’re in, you often have to get down on your knees in the muck as well.

I could say more about our efforts, but WLNS’ two minute video summed it up quite nicely, so I’ll just let you watch that above. You can also check out their article here. If you don’t see a video above, you can also watch it at that link.

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