Mission Expansion

In today’s podcast episode, we talk about Pentecost and our mission at 1208. Pentecost is not only about Holy Spirit empowerment, but it’s also about what we’re empowered to do: To go into the nations and pull people out of the grip of other spiritual entities and bring them into adoption as children of the one and only God. Here’s how we at 1208GREENWOOD are looking to expand upon our own mission to reach even more for Christ in Jackson:

1. Nerd Church: A fresh expression of church designed by nerds to reach into nerd culture. Our next leadership meeting is this Wednesday. Hit me up if interested in helping us create it!

2. A Hispanic Church: Our church was born off the work that Communidad Agua Viva did back in the day. We are praying that God might be able to raise up a leader who can once again reach this community.

3. Empowerment Houses: A housing project that not only creates homes for the homeless and impoverished, but empowers them as well.

Again, these are all dreams, not promises. But we’re excited to keep working on them and see where God takes them. If you’re interested in helping us on any of these projects, let me know so we can use your gifts 🙂

Check out this podcast episode on 1208GREENWOOD’s webpage or simply subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.

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