The Bait of the Cross

Satan portrayed his reign over the earth to Jesus when he showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and offered him authority over them if Jesus would only worship him. Jesus rebuked Satan, but he did not correct or refute Satan’s claim of authority—nor does the rest of the Bible. The apostle John refers to Satan as the ruler of this world several times and even says that the whole world lies in his power. Likewise, Paul calls Satan the prince of the power of the air, implying that Satan had authority over the sphere between heaven and earth where ancient people believed evil spirits dwelt.

But Satan’s reign will come to an end; for God has His own plan for Jesus to take authority over all the kingdoms of the world. Jesus, the perfect, sinless human, who is also God in flesh, will bait Satan into killing him on a cross, thus breaking the curse of death. After all, death entered the world because humanity is sinful. Therefore, in killing the one and only sinless human, Satan overstepped his bounds and has broken the rules. God knew Satan’s bloodthirstiness would implode on itself, just as violence always does, and so He set him up to do just that.

As Jesus died on the cross, he entered into the world of death—but not to stay there. Instead, he entered it like a trojan horse, yoinked the keys of death and hades, returned to the earth in a new resurrected body, and went on from there to ascend into Heaven.

And when Jesus leaves Heaven to come back to earth and establish his Kingdom in fullness, there will be an end to Satan’s reign as death will be no more and Satan will have no power left to rule with. Satan and the other corrupt spiritual beings will ultimately die like men and the new Heaven and the new Earth will be established for God’s presence to come and reign forevermore with His people.

God is the creator and the rightful ruler of all creation and He patiently waits for more to come to salvation so that they may be liberated and partake of the abundant life that overcomes even death itself. Make no mistake, Satan and the kingdom of darkness will meet their end.

But we don’t have to wait until the end times to see Satan’s kingdom break down, for the Holy Spirit has given us power to cast out demons and destroy the kingdom of darkness here and now.

This is an excerpt from my new book, Fantasy IRL: Glimpses of a Hidden World, which will be coming out in the next few days. It is a condensed version of my book, The Rush and the Rest, written for a different audience.

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