The Rise of the Water Kingdom Audiobook Preview

In light of our natural breaking point in Genesis on the 1208PODCAST (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Webpage) today I took a break to give a quick sample of my new book/audiobook, The Rise of the Water Kingdom. Comment below for an Audible promo code for the book (while supplies last when the book is released sometime in the next two weeks). Paperback and Kindle options can be found on Amazon.


Angels and demons. Zombies and ghosts. Water serpents and cyborg dragons. Heaven and Hell. Politics and religion. Brennan and Kahli experience it all when their lives are flipped upside down by a miracle man named, Sarx, who is on a mission to install a kingdom on the earth that will overthrow the great dragon and end the corruption that plagues it. As this allegorical fantasy unfolds, you just might find yourself seeing the gospel story in a whole new light.

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