Dodgeball RPG

We tried out a new game at Nerd Church tonight! The idea was to incorporate the classic statuses and types of typical RPGs into dodgeball by having different colored balls that represented different effects. Here’s the reference slide we had on the TVs for everyone to remember what did what.


Dodgeball RPG PICS.001.jpeg

Blue: Freeze

  • Status effect—doesn’t do damage to the person it hits
  • If hit, your feet are frozen to the ground, but you can still move the rest of your body and catch any balls thrown at you.
  • To get unfrozen, you must find a way to get the red ball. And yes, your teammate can hand it to you.
  • You take damage from anything you’re hit by while frozen.

Green: Poison

  • Status effect—doesn’t do damage to the person it hits
  • If hit, you can’t catch or touch a ball for 20 seconds

Yellow: Paralysis

  • Status effect—doesn’t do damage to the person it hits
  • If hit, must stand entirely still for 5 seconds

Red: Fireball

  • Does one damage to everyone it touches until it is done bouncing
  • Can’t be picked up until it’s rolling
  • The only way this ball doesn’t do damage is if it’s caught before its first bounce

Orange: Healing

  • If caught, you gain one health point
  • If hit, you lose two health points

Turquoise: Melee

  • If hit, one point of damage

Character Chart

Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 8.55.44 PM.png


  • Each player has three health points (HP). Once their health has been depleted, they’re out.
  • You cannot manage to gain more than three HP.
  • If you’re out and a teammate catches a ball, you can come back into the game with one HP. However, if the ball caught was a status effect, you enter the game with that status effect.


  • Each team consists of six people and each person must choose a type. While every player can throw any type of ball, their ultimates (ULT) are directly related to their type.
  • Each player unlocks their ultimate (ULT) once they’ve landed three successful attacks.
  • When ready to use your ultimate, you must find the ball color related to your type and announce that you’re using your ultimate.

Dodgeball RPG PICS.002.jpeg

Blue Ultimate: Icicle

  • If hit, your feet are frozen to the ground until you’re out.
  • The red ball can no longer unfreeze you.

Green Ultimate: Toxic

  • If hit, you can no longer touch or catch any balls until you’re out.
  • This effect can be undone if you catch a green ball the enemy throws.

Yellow Ultimate: Sleep

  • Whatever body part is hit by this ball is no longer usable in the game.
  • For example, if your left arm gets hit, you can no longer play with your left arm. If your stomach gets hit, you must bend over to grab things by using your knees. If your legs get hit, you must bend over at the waist to grab things.

Red Ultimate: Explosion

  • When this ultimate is announced, the enemy team must freeze completely.
  • The player has 10 seconds to figure out the best way to throw the ball to hit as many people as it can before it’s done bouncing. Whoever gets hit takes a damage.

Orange Ultimate: Life or Death

  • If caught, you gain all your health back.
  • If hit, you’re out instantly.

Turquoise: Magic Missile 

  • You don’t have to throw the ball to do damage. You simply choose three people you want to take one hit point.
  • All three hit points must be used on different people—you cannot assign two or three hit points to anyone.
  • If there are not three people left on the other team, you can assign one hit point to each player left.


That’s it! Have fun!


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