Rise of the Water Kingdom Review

Many thanks to Derek Jordan for his Goodreads review on my latest book, The Rise of the Water Kingdom! If you’d like a free Audible copy, leave a comment below and I’ll send you an audiobook code 🙂

An interesting Christian theology/allegorical story, very similar to something like Pilgrim’s progress, but with many things heavily on the nose when it comes to Christ. His life and the spiritual aspects of who He is, which I think is the coolest part of this story/allegory. There were others that were a bit of an eyeroll, but I understood the idea (carrots rather than wood).

Ultimately taking on a true defeater of our faith, which I would prefer not to mention as it can be a spoiler in a way. Very clever and an interesting way to “teach” such a thing.

Story is told in parts and follows the gospels, pretty on target as well. Goes quick this way and the story gets told well, but there are not as in-depth character development – though all development is in line with those in the gospels themselves so this makes sense.

This was written after a book of theology (also by the author) and I have not read that at this time, but preferred not having that thought process as I took this in. I will read the other as well though at some point in time as I enjoy the way the author puts forth the message and, in that, God’s word. I even like their personally done audio books – voices and energy is wonderful.

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