1208TV: Armageddon

Church isn’t cancelled by COVID-19—it’s just been moved online! Our first episode of 1208TV launches this Sunday at 6pm on both our Facebook and YouTube page. While we highly suggest you watch it on our Facebook page so you can interact with the rest of the digital community in the comments, we know that many TV’s have YouTube on them and that you may prefer to have your family watch it there. Whichever you choose, both do have the capacity for live chat, so keep that option open as the church is by definition a community. There in that video you’ll get all that you expect from the 1208 community, and more:

  • Original music from the 1208 band
  • Prayer and testimony time with Joel
  • Children’s time with Beckett and Jericho
  • Scripture reading with the Bolton family
  • Docu-message from Jamin on Armageddon in our Revelation series
  • Interactions with the 1208 community in the comments

Looking at the final product of this episode, we can sense the Holy Spirit at work bringing the themes together. So join us for church here on 1208TV as we come together as a digital community—for the church is not a building, but a people. We put a lot of work into this episode so you wouldn’t find yourself simply watching a person in an empty room talk to a camera and a band play super distorted music into a tiny microphone. We are excited to join you in this time of worship.

Consider helping us spread the news of 1208TV by sharing the links below or by stopping by our Facebook now and clicking the “interested” button on the “Armageddon” premiere video. This could be a good way to get the news out to other 1208ers, and to extend the invitation beyond our building’s walls. See you then! 


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