God Does Not Grant Us Free Speech

If you’re jumping onto this Parler thing for free speech reasons, you should take a good look at the kind of free speech that’s being displayed there.

Fellow Christians: God does not grant us free speech—He requires us to take every thought captive to obey Christ. Spiritual warfare begins the moment a thought enters our mind, and we show what spirit we are listening to (whether it be the Holy Spirit, our spirit, or an evil spirit), when/if the thought leaves our mouth.

The words that come out of our mouths must be subject to the scrutiny and testing of good things like Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience. Our words matter greatly. So when we give our mind and words over to the enemy to steal, kill, destroy, and inject venom and hatred into the world, we have violated our Savior’s expectations—in fact, we have listened to a spirit of another sort. Murder and lies belong with Satan, and so we belong with him if we belong with such speech and character.

We are not our own. We belong to Jesus. And therefore, our speech belongs to Him too. Just as we counsel our children as to what things are appropriate to say, so Jesus counsels us. If you are being silenced because you love Jesus, then you should lovingly speak of Jesus. But if you are being silenced because you hate (and far be it from us that we should ever hate in the name of Jesus), then you are not being obedient to Jesus and should be silenced—for you are taking His name in vain when you misrepresent Him.

Let’s be humble. Let’s repent. Let’s show the world a man who crawls upon the cross for the sake of loving His enemies—not a man who hangs His enemies upon a cross. Far be it from Him. And far be it from us.

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