Revelation Condemns Trump/America Worship

I saw quite a few Jesus banners and flags hung and waved at yesterday’s atrocity as Trump tried to take over there capitol with his mob, as though Trump and violence is somehow synonymous with Jesus. Not only is such a thought appalling, but it’s straight up emperor/country worship. And if any Christian would read Revelation for what it actually says (instead of what two sci-fi writers have to say about it) they would see that John not only convicts us for such behavior, but condemns us. So to quote John, “Come out of her, my people.”

We speak passionately because we fear compassionately. The church is losing her voice—has already lost her voice. May we not lose souls along with it.

As a Christian, Jesus is your president. Heaven is your country. The Bible is the word upon which you test all other words. And no country will ever match that in full for it does not have the Holy Spirit to empower it to do so. Do not sell your soul for the lesser power of nationalism, for it will reap what it sows and get what it deserves—which in the picture John paints in Revelation, is death. Give your soul to Jesus, and Jesus alone. That is the only place you will find life and life abundant.

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