An Exercise in Prophetic Political Fruit

A few mental exercises in fruit for those still hanging onto the supposed prophetic words that Trump will still somehow be president.

-Trump can only win by either overthrowing the democratic process of voting or running again down the road.

-If he were to overthrow our votes, think of all the chaos that would happen. Think of all the hatred and violence and bloodshed. Think of another 4 years of division and unrest under his character (if 4 years even exist anymore in a world where you can overthrow the democratic process).

-If he were to somehow become president again in a future election, imagine the instant division that would happen all over again just by him running for president. We’d hopefully be moving somewhere new and out of our collective trauma just to have all of his divisive rhetoric and “uncharacter” return as those he’s struck fear in over the years instantly fall back into the fear of what might happen to them—especially the fear that those who are not white carry.

-If he were to win, all of those who have found a voice in him like neo-nazis, proud boys, confederates, and others would be empowered by the fact that they’ve somehow gained back the presidency. They would begin to push their limits even more if not just go in with full force.

-With such a huge percentage of evangelicals voting for Trump both times and still holding onto him even now after all that’s happened, the world would be done with Christianity. I hear many talking about a coming revival and harvest, but none of that matches our current scenario where we have become oppressors by siding with Trump’s oppression. God can, of course, bring about a revival if he desires, but as a pastor who attends church planting and outreach conferences pretty regularly, let me just say that our jobs become more and more complicated every day—especially the more we sacrifice our voice on the altar of political power and oppression. If people don’t trust the church (which they already didn’t before all of this), they won’t be interested in the church.

-If Trump took back the presidency and evangelicals gained all of their political desires via the un-Jesus ways of using oppression, they would then become the new oppressors to overthrow. Our rules and morality on some issues would be like handcuffs on a world Jesus doesn’t expect will live up to his standards.

Testing prophetic words is a Biblical command and considering the fruit of a prophetic word is one of the ways in which you test it. The fruit here is imaginatively rotten in every last scenario (and appeared that way to many of us four years ago before we had all of this time to test the fruit even further). When we eat rotten fruit, the world can tell there’s something wrong with us. They will reject us—as they should in this particular case.

The only action we have left is repentance, asking for forgiveness, and making amends. Let us do so with urgency.

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