The Presence of God Enters the Second Temple

Throughout the Old Testament, God would enter sacred spaces in a cloud and people would celebrate. On Palm Sunday, God walked into a sacred space and some celebrated while others were enraged. God then walked into the temple and began to flip tables and call attention to the oppression committed by the religious and the rich.

So they killed Him, murdering the true temple of Jesus’ body and leaving their stone temple cloudless and Godless.

After a year of covid, most of us have made it back into our buildings, but Jesus cries out to us from beyond our walls. Will we listen and go where He is? Will we hear His voice in the cries of the oppressed and the poor? Will we, too, spread our arms out wide to embrace our cross and love our enemies?

Or will we close ourselves up in slabs of concrete? Or worse yet, try to re-assassinate the Resurrected One—happy to receive His gift of grace, but not His voice, past or present.

This Holy Week, we Christians not only retell the greatest story ever told, but we force ourselves to live in it and apply it to our own lives. May Jesus reveal Himself to us and may we recognize Him when we see Him.

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