Co-Laboring with God

While God knows all things, he still likes to co-labor with us. The Bible shows us that he even does this with heavenly beings. In 1 Kings 22, when God decides that it’s time for an evil king to go, he asks the heavenly host how he should do it. Eventually an angel proposes an idea that God likes and they put it into action. Another time in Daniel 4, some angels appear to Nechudbezzar with an ultimatum, claiming that this ultimatum was created by them.

Could God do it all himself? Yes. But does he want it that way? No. That’s one of the reasons why he created heavenly and earthly beings to co-labor with.

What angels do in the heavens, we do on the earth. We often act as though we’re tiny and pointless, but God made us to co-labor with him and granted us the power to “image” him on the earth. Therefore, we make the best “imaging” decisions we can when God seems silent, and constantly listen to the Holy Spirit so that we can make the correct decisions when he speaks clearly. We offer ideas on the situations that arise in our lives and await to see if God will sign off on them, with the concern of wanting to do what he wants, not what we want. The church comes together to discern God’s movement and then follows him. If the heavenly host make up his divine council, then the church makes up his earthly council.

And one day Christians shall take the positions that once belonged to fallen angels as we put on resurrected bodies and stand amongst God’s council in the new heavens and new earth.

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