Preaching through Gunshots

You know those church videos where something crazy happens and service just keeps going like nothing ever happened? Well I let Mark Edwards preach tonight and he added a memory to 1208 Greenwood Church that shall not soon be forgotten by preaching straight through this incident.

Making matters more memorable was that I was at home when it happened and I couldn’t hear Mark preaching on the livestream, so I texted Casey Mellinger to turn it up. Casey happened to be inside the building at the time and didn’t hear any of the gunshots. He walked outside right after the shots and went up to the soundboard behind Mark to turn him up, giving everyone the impression that the gun shots were annoying and loud and that Mark needed to be louder.

All joking aside, everyone is safe. I called 911 and arrived about 60 seconds after the gun shots to check in. We’ve reported everything that we saw to the local police and they have been investigating for the last few hours. Sometimes when this kind of stuff happens churches and congregants leave their communities, but this is exactly why we live and preach here. The gospel is much needed in our community and we will continue to share it with them.

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