Pentecost is Anti-racism

Happy Pentecost Sunday! When God divided the nations up by tongues at the Tower of Babel, he assigned each nation to other spiritual beings (Deuteronomy 32:8) he had made while he put his focus on raising up a nation from Abraham, who would one day bless all those nations.

Pentecost Sunday celebrates the day that blessing exploded in Abraham’s descendants. The Holy Spirit rushed upon Jesus’ Jewish disciples and infused them with the ability to speak in all the languages that God once separated the nations with. All were now welcome to leave their false gods behind and join the family of the One True God and it was the church’s new mission to make that clear to the world.

Pentecost is anti-racism.
Pentecost is anti-nationalism.
Pentecost is invitation.
Pentecost is diversity.

And if we speak in tongues today with racism in our hearts, our tongues are nothing but jibberish, for we have not love and we have missed the point entirely.

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