A Church Like Nintendo

In Romans 2, Paul calls attention to how God-followers have always said one thing and done another, and for that reason the world has made fun of God. How have we been bad witnesses to the character of God today? How did we witness to Jesus throughout the pandemic? In a lot of negative ways to be sure, giving people reason to make fun of God and doubt the church as an organization. It nearly seems like most people have given up on the church at this point.

But perhaps we can learn something about the church, discipleship, and witness from organizations like Nintendo. Learn more in today’s episode of the 1208PODCAST by clicking below, or wherever else you listen to podcasts.

Paul's Theological Adjustment 1208PODCAST

In ancient times, religion and state were the same thing. Therefore, you can imagine how difficult it was for the Jews to understand their theology when (A) some started to believe that Jesus was the Messiah, (B) the Messiah wanted non-Jewish people to join their religion/state, and (C) those non-Jewish people didn't practice any of the boundary markers that the Jews had always practiced (ie. obedience to the law, circumcision, etc). In the Book of Romans, Paul strives to help his Jewish brothers and sisters understand the theological impact Jesus has had on their religion/state so that they can welcome their non-Jewish neighbors in. And that's what we hit on in the first half of Romans 3.

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