Editing the Church Model

Right before the pandemic hit, we had upwards of 80-90 people coming to dinner church. That may not sound like a lot to some churches, but it packed out sanctuary and was over double what we had been reaching for some 7 years beforehand.

Last week we had 12 people in the building (about 3 families, including my own). And as I led music and preached, I had only one thought cycling through my mind the entire time: “Stage church needs to die tonight. I’m not doing this again next week.”

Ideally we’ll be back to some form of dinner church when the climate seems right for it, but we’re just not ready to pack this place that full with food flying everywhere. We’ve got plans for a food truck we’re working on in the meantime. 

But tonight begins the search for something different. Something more communal in nature. Something that kills the stage and gives everyone present a chance to be the church, not just go to church. Something that happens around tables.

There’s a short song by Sean Curran that’s been on my heart this week that I think needs to become an anthem for my soul in this time:

Something’s gotta break off.
Heaven needs to break through.
Anything can happen.
We gotta be ready.
We gotta be ready.

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