A Multicultural Olive Tree

Paul gives us the beautiful illustration of a grafted olive tree in Romans 11 which can help the church see how they are all one, but also different. And being different is okay—in fact, it’s the point! Apples aren’t meant to become oranges, but rather, they are meant to remain themselves while being grafted into the same trunk and foundation.

And this is why Paul gets so frustrated with his Jewish brothers and sisters for trying to circumcise the Gentiles that were being grafted into the tree of God’s family: The nations are not to become Jewish—they are to remain their own nationality and be brought into the family of God nonetheless. If all the nations become Jewish, then the multi-national Bride of Christ wouldn’t exist. We talk about this, its implications, and more in today’s message on Romans.

The Heart of the Law 1208PODCAST

It seems like a little deal to us when we read stories about Jesus breaking Sabbath laws and expectations, but it certainly was a big deal to the Pharisees. In their minds, he was breaking the sacred laws that God had put in place. But Jesus didn't see it that way. So how did he see it?

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