1208 Week of Prayer: Day 1

This week we’re spending time in prayer so when we gather for service on Sunday we can talk about what relaunching 1208 in the post-pandemic world looks like. If you want to pray with us we’d appreciate it 🙂 Or if you don’t currently have a church and want to join us for the ride, come on by Sunday as we chat more!

Last night we found ourselves in Romans 12 where Paul talks about the church being a body in which everyone participates. This is not exactly the most accurate description of the post-pandemic church across the United States, and we at 1208 want to start re-envisioning what a relaunch of 1208 might look like based on who we are, where we’ve been, and where we feel called to go next—recognizing that God desires our church to be successful in ministry.

So this week we’ll be emailing and posting daily devotionals so that we can all get our hearts ready for Sunday, where we’ll meet during our normal service, but spend the majority of time holding a vision meeting. We’re excited to hear what the Spirit lays on your heart on a personal level and on a congregational level.

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