Homeless Count 2022

Many thanks to MLive for helping us get the word out about our annual Homeless Count! You can read the article here, join the Facebook event, and visit the Continuum of Care’s webpage for more information!

In order to raise the governmental funds a city needs to take care of their homeless, a city first needs to know how many homeless they are serving. Join the Jackson community as we take to the streets at 6am on Wednesday, January 26th for the annual PIT (Point-In-Time) Count.

We will meet at 1208 Greenwood Church where you and your group will be handed a map of an area to survey, forms to document the basic information of any homeless you meet, and some supply bags that you can give away. When you are done, you simply return back to the church and drop off your forms and any supplies you have left!

Thanks for joining us for this important and eye-opening event! The more that come, the more of a chance we have to find those in need, raise awareness of our homeless community, and bring about the necessary funding our local organizations need to serve them.

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