Jesus Reigns Over All Spiritual Powers

Once during a deliverance session, a demon made a point of constantly reminding me of how small the church I pastored was, as though it wanted me to think that I didn’t have the power to deal with it. During a different session with a very stubborn demon, I forced it to admit that my power was higher than its own, to which it responded, “Are you starting wonder if that’s true?”

“No,” I answered. “I just want you to admit it with your own words so you remember who’s in charge.” It made its usual annoyed face at me and eventually gave into admitting it.

As Christians, our authority to cast out demons comes directly from Jesus, who extended such power to all of his disciples. He is the master liberator when it comes to deliverance ministry. No demonic force is above him. An entire army of demons named, “Legion,” once approached him and instead of tormenting Jesus, they instead asked Jesus not to torment them. When Jesus descended into the underworld, Peter says he went to spirits in prison (that is, the fallen sons of God from Genesis 6 that created the giants found throughout the Old Testament) and proclaimed their judgment. He then took what power Satan had from him and is now enthroned in Heaven above all powers and authorities both in the spiritual and physical realm. There is no demon that can overtake or compete with him. Indeed, the Bible tells us that everything above, on and under the earth will one day bow its knee before Christ.

Do not be confused, dear Christian—though you are called to live a humble, servant life and may endure great suffering, your master has all the power and he has extended it to you. So stand firm, putting on the armor of God. For if Jesus engaged in spiritual warfare, you will too.

*This devotional was created out of the themes of 1 Peter 3:8-4:6 found in today’s reading at

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