Redefining Moments

Some of us have those kind of names where there’s a really obvious title or nickname to slap onto it, but everyone always thinks they’re the first to do it. In my case, that title is “Jammin’ Jamin,” because yes, I love writing and playing music. While I have no problem being recognized for what I love, there was a time where I felt like this passion was getting in the way of people seeing me in any other light.

It took me awhile to figure out that I felt called to be a pastor. Wanting to be like my dad and grandpa, I knew in kindergarten that I wanted to do it, but when I met music, my thoughts changed. But half way through college, God brought me full circle to realize that ministry was the place where he wanted me. But few (if any) of the ministries I served seemed to speak into that. To them I was still Jammin’ Jamin, the worship leader, and my spiritual weapon was my instrument. As I got closer to graduation, this grew heavy on me. What was I going to do with this pastoral ministry degree when everyone around me had hardly spoke into this calling? My guitar had become a bondage of sorts, holding me captive to being seen in that light alone. I was starting to wonder if I was wrong about ministry. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to be a pastor after all (a struggle most of us pastors continue to fight throughout our career).

And then one day an author I had never heard of came to campus and my college worship band was asked to play music before he spoke. Now typically when you’re in the worship band, people forget to incorporate you into what’s happening, but in this case the speaker asked us to put down our equipment so he could pray over us along with everyone else in the room.

When it was my turn to be prayed for he stopped and listened to the Holy Spirit and then prophesied, “Right now your insrument is your weapon.” Then touching my chin, he continued, “But in the future, your mouth will be your weapon.”

There it was. The affirmation I so dearly needed in that time. And it didn’t just come from a friend who knew me and my situation—it came from the Holy Spirit inspiring a complete stranger who knew nothing about me or my situation.

There are some movements in our life that hinge upon a prophetic redefining. For Peter, that hinge was the redefining of his career. For so long he had been working hard in attempts to catch fish. But now Jesus would redirect Peter’s efforts toward catching people. And just as Jesus did a miracle in that moment for Peter to catch so many fish that his net would break, so did Jesus foreshadow the blessing upon Peter’s coming ministry.

*This devotional was created out of the themes of Luke 5:1-11 found in today’s reading at

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