Lady Wisdom is Jesus

Lady Wisdom gives a rather interesting speech throughout the first chapters of Proverbs and then suddenly drops a theological bomb in Proverbs 8 when she speaks of how she helped God create the world. This feels a bit blasphemous at first until you see the ways in which the New Testament identifies Jesus as Lady Wisdom. Not only does Paul talk about Christ as the “wisdom of God,” but Paul and John also refer to Jesus as co-creator with God (like Lady Wisdom was), and Luke and Matthew piggyback off each other to make the point as well. Even the author of Hebrews uses a specific Greek word when describing Jesus that brings Lady Wisdom to mind.

Wisdom is not a school. It’s not a library of books. It’s not abstract knowledge or a big brain or clever tactics. Wisdom is not even natural to humanity. Wisdom is a person. Wisdom is a being. Wisdom is alive. And if we truly want to understand our Bibles, the secrets of Heaven, the ways in which we should live, and everything else, then we need the Holy Spirit to give us access to the Wisdom of God, which is Jesus Himself.

*This devotional was created out of the themes of Luke 7:18-35 found in today’s reading at

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