Holy Holy Homeless

This morning I had a dream that there was a woman leading Revelation Song with a blanket over the top half of her body with someone else’s legs sticking out the bottom of the blanket. This looked about as strange as you might imagine. I tried to comprehend what I was looking at as she sang the verse. Was there another musician under there with her? Was she hiding someone famous? What was I looking at?

As the chorus hit, she ripped off the blanket revealing a homeless man sitting on a park bench. The place erupted in cheers as we all knew we were staring at God on his throne. “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is is to come!” we all sang.

I had a different message I was going to preach to Ypsilanti Free Methodist this morning, but I felt this dream was pushing me to preach something else. I sensed that I was still supposed to use some of the intro of my original message, but then change the focus for the rest of it and hone in on God’s care and concern for the poor. For when we love the homeless man on the park bench, we love Jesus on his throne.

You can listen to the message by clicking the play button below.

In Ypsi As Is In Heaven – Holy Holy Homeless Sermons – Ypsilanti Free Methodist » Series : In Ypsi As Is In Heaven

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