Get Registered for Reveal Jackson 2022!

What is Reveal?

A few years back, Pastor Steven Hlatky and I grieved that there wasn’t more in the Free Methodist Church to educate people on spiritual gifts. And then we realized something: we could make our own event! Reveal was born a year later in 2020 before having to go on hiatus due to covid. But now it’s back! This year our Holy Spirit themes revolve around that of evangelism, deliverance, and music as we look to bring our city into fuller worship. Evangelism means more worshippers. Deliverance means the ability to worship more fully. And music creates the space for God to be enthroned in our worship as we encounter his tangible presence. Join us on October 15th, 2022!


There are many strategic ways to evangelize, but at the heart of all evangelism is the Holy Spirit. Learn how to lean into spiritual gifts to evangelize in the same ways that Jesus and the early church did.


Due to the weird nature of demons, deliverance ministry is often avoided by many. But deliverance done right is more or less a holistic form of counseling that allows the Holy Spirit to heal old wounds and treat addictions. Learn how to help others get free and stay free.


There are many ways to lead worship, but we like to use music to take others into the presence of God. In this track you’ll learn tips and tricks to help you cooperate with the Holy Spirit while playing music.


| Optional Pre-Conference

  • Topic | Reveal Jackson 2020 Overview and Q&A
  • Speakers | Steven Hlatky & Jamin Bradley

9:30AM | Doors Open & Cereal Bar

10:00AM | Main Session 1

  • Hip-hop Lofi Worship | Jamin Bradley
  • Message Steven Hlatky | Power Evangelism

11:30AM | Breakout 1

  • Evangelism Track | Aimee Coolbaugh | Personality Based Evangelism
  • Deliverance Track | Jamin Bradley | Spirit-Led Inner Healing
  • Music TrackCasey Noce | Planning a Spirit-Led Worship Service

1:00PM | Dinner Church Model Meal Provided

2:30PM | Main Session 2

  • Contemporary Worship
  • Message | Shantelle Hawkins

4:00PM | Breakout 2

  • Evangelism Track | Steven Hlatky | Listening Evangelism & Treasure Hunt
  • Deliverance Track | Jamin Bradley | Casting Out Demons
  • Music Track | Casey Noce | Performance vs Flowing with the Spirit

5:30PM | Dinner Church Model Meal Provided

7:00PM | Main Session 3

  • Message Jamin Bradley | Spirit-Infused Worship
  • Contemporary Worship
  • Prayer Team | Our prayer team will be available as we worship

END | Whenever

  • We do not structure an end time to this event. We simply open up the space to worship and continue doing so until we feel the need to wrap up. That being said, you are welcome to stay the whole time with us or take off at whatever time seems necessary 🙂

Leaders & Speakers

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