Reveal Jackson: Spirit Infused Music

Reveal Jackson 2022 was an amazing time with the Holy Spirit. I have been very touched by all the personal stories and testimonies people have shared with me during and since. Can’t wait to hear more! The message I preached there along with some visual deliverance techniques are in the podcast episode below.

Reveal Jackson: Spirit Infused Music 1208PODCAST

Jamin has been the lead pastor at 1208 Greenwood for 11 years. He has written 8 books, released several hours of music, and has helped launch unique expressions of the church here in Jackson, including Dinner Church, Nerd Church, and an online church. As an activist he has chaired, founded, and served in several different coalitions and organizations around Jackson, especially ones that look to help the poor and those dealing with addiction. He blogs and podcasts regularly at

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