Reveal Jackson Testimonies

We had an incredible time at Reveal Jackson 2022 as we repented to make space for new spiritual gifts. Our attendees learned from several great teachers on subjects relating to power evangelism, deliverance, and Spirit-infused worship music.

During one of our breakouts on power evangelism, the attendees listened to the Spirit as to where to go in Jackson, and then took off to those areas to minister. One group combined their words together and felt they were supposed to go to a local park. They also had a word about a drunk guy in a leather jacket. Soon after they arrived, the man showed up. They talked with him for a bit and then returned to Reveal with a ministry souvenir: an entire bottle of alcohol that he had given them.

The Spirit was so powerfully at work. Our ministry team prayed into this event ahead of time and had 33 specific prophetic words to share from the stage. The prayer team also felt moved to pray for people around the room, some of them receiving the exact word they needed to hear. One attendee had an open vision. Others were in tears as the Spirit spoke to them during a meditative practice we did at the end of the night. The Spirit made some of them aware of deep inner healing needs they had that they had never noticed before and some will pursue a future session with our deliverance team. Several came up to share awesome testimonies of what God had done in their hearts throughout the day. And while some left when the event was supposed to wrap up, many stayed until midnight as we engaged in spontaneous worship and shared testimonies over the course of three hours. Even then we weren’t done as at least one person went home and encountered several dreams from the Holy Spirit. There are many other stories, some of which we haven’t even heard yet, and we’re excited to hear them!

We felt the Holy Spirit tells us that he would use some of the work at Reveal to further pour into the Southern Michigan Conference as well as surrounding churches here in Jackson. We are excited to see what God continues to do!

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