A Bigger Pro-Life Ethic

With the coming election, many are conversing about abortion. There is much to be said on this topic, but it is often covered up by everyone’s yelling. While being a pro-life Free Methodist himself, Jamin brings a message that convicts the church for the poor ways in which we’ve handled the conversation and calls us to a wider ethic of walking out our pro-life faith. If the church wakes up to the many other pro-life issues that feed abortion, we might actually be able to diminish the number of abortions that happen via our radical neighborly love. He also takes a look at how abortion has been around since the earliest pages of the Bible, how the early Judeo-Christian world addressed it, and how their actions might apply to us today.

If you prefer to read, much of the information in this podcast episode can be found in Jamin’s recent blog post here.

A Bigger Pro-Life Ethic 1208PODCAST

Much of this content can be found in Jamin’s recent blog post: https://jaminbradley.com/2022/11/03/abortion-and-the-church/

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