“I Will No Longer Talk Much With You.”

I sat in my car late at night and desperately cried out, “God, you have to give me something more to go off of here! I don’t understand what’s going on and I need answers! What am I supposed to do? Please, give me something—anything. Don’t leave me here, please—I’m begging you.” I stopped and listened and John 14:30 popped into my head. I pulled out my phone and looked it up, desperately hoping for an answer, and I found these words: “I will no longer talk much with you…”

I can laugh about it now, but at the time, I sunk down in my chair, feeling defeated. But then I sensed the Spirit elaborate on the passage: “Jamin, I’ve already told you what to do.”

He had. Indeed, he had been crystal clear. In fact, I don’t know that I’ll ever hear him as clearly as I supernaturally did in that season. I knew exactly what I had to do—it was just taking a while to do it and I wanted more information. Suddenly, this almost insulting Bible passage gave me a new sense of peace and confidence and I would continue to remind myself of it as I pushed forward: “Jamin, when it seems like God is silent, remember to just keep doing what you’re supposed to do.”

Like me, Zechariah already had all the evidence he needed to know what God was doing. He was standing in a traditionally sacred space when a famous angel appeared to him. That angel prophesied miracles over him, telling him that he and his wife would conceive in their old age. Their child would echo Zechariah’s famous ancestors, including Abraham, Samson, and Elijah. Their baby would be filled with the Holy Spirit, something reserved only for the primary leaders of Israel at that time. Zechariah and his people had long been waiting for God to return for his faithful remnant in exile and the angel used keywords to say that Zecharaiah’s coming child would play a part in bringing that prophecy to fruition. This child would be John the Baptist, whose ministry would pave the way for Jesus’ ministry.

All of this proof, and yet Zechariah responded, “How shall I know this?”

You can imagine the angel rolling his eyes and crossing his arms. “Seriously, dude? For one thing, you’re talking to a famous angel right now!”

Mounds of supernatural evidence is great, but in the end, how much do we really need to be faithful? Me and Zechariah are prime examples that though we always want more, we sometimes just need to trust and do what we’re told.

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