Michael Heiser Passes

Michael Heiser is one of my biggest heroes. He was instrumental in taking the dense scholarly world of the Bible, and making it intriguing and tangible for thousands of us. I can easily say that my ministry, teaching, and understanding of Biblical mission would be entirely different had I not encountered his work a few years ago. 

I was happy to exchange a few emails with him over the last few years. I chatted with him on his podcast about how we’ve implemented his scholarship into our church. He connected our Nerd Church with a guy who was creating an RPG based on his work. I even sent him a few songs and poems I had released based on his teachings, and he was very generous to give them a listen and encourage me, even though he said he didn’t listen to too much music otherwise.

I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Heiser and his work. His book, The Unseen Realm, is my favorite book of all time and I can’t imagine any book ever replacing it. Thank you Michael Heiser for being bold enough to step out and show the average Christian what the Bible is all about. Thank you for being willing to ask and answer the weird questions the church was never willing to ask. You reached the people on the fringes, which is not what scholarship usually does. We didn’t know how much we were starving before you fed us.

See you again in the council.

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