Our Nerd Church at MeggaXP

Today’s our big advertising day in our community for our new church, 1208-Bit: A church designed by nerds, for nerds. We’ve set up our booth at MeggaXP (Jackson’s version of ComicCon) and we think it has quite a bit to interact with. Here’s a few things present at our table: Nerdy Talking Points In the…


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Writing for Nerd Church

Our church, 1208GREENWOOD, recently expanded on our mission to “create space, foster growth, love people, and love God,” by implementing the longterm vision to plant churches inside of our building that create space to reach those we’re not currently reaching. One of these churches was called, “Nerd Church,” but has now been aptly renamed, “1208-Bit.”…

Why This Book?: The Rush & the Rest Preview

With so many books out there about the Holy Spirit, I had to wonder if I even needed to write this book. I decided I did, and here are a few things that I think make it unique.

Free Experimental Narnia Album

As the year comes to an end and the snow covers my city, I think back to the Narnia tribute album I released earlier this year. Everyone’s support of my work was super encouraging. I used to record music nonstop, but one day I just hit a wall and didn’t have it in me to…