Our Nerd Church at MeggaXP

Today’s our big advertising day in our community for our new church, 1208-Bit: A church designed by nerds, for nerds. We’ve set up our booth at MeggaXP (Jackson’s version of ComicCon) and we think it has quite a bit to interact with. Here’s a few things present at our table:

Nerdy Talking Points

In the picture above is the following:

  • Books , movies, cereals, and various items related to nerd culture in someway. We want people to know we’re not pretending to be nerds in order to reach them—we truly are nerds and we have interest in the same things they do.
  • A copy of Catacombs and Castles the board game. We’re going to blow this up to life size in our building in a few weeks to play a real life version of this flicking-dexterity game. We can show them how the board game works and then explain how we’re going to play it later.
  • A Hebrew Bible. There’s all kinds of nerdy interests out there, and I think the Bible qualifies once you dive deep enough into it. There’s something to seeing a Bible in its original language. Plus, maybe everyone will think it’s Elvish.

Video Game Competition

At the center of the table are our main attractions:

  • Giant 9×11 cards with lots of info on 1208-Bit. The front explains our schedule (doors open at 5:30, official gaming at 6, a spiritual conversation at 7:30, extra free-gaming at 8). The back has our soft launch games listed, social networking pages and apps, and more.
  • We’ve made a Mario Maker 2 level for this event that’s moderately difficult. People have three lives to beat it. If they get to flag 1, they win a hi-chew candy. If they get to flag 2, they win a Pokémon fruit snack. If they actually beat the level they get a pop.
  • There’s also a Discord code present so people can join us in the Discord app to talk about all kinds of nerdy and spiritual things. We figured this would be a good place for conversations to continue on all kinds of things.

My Books

My nerdiness clearly shows in my writing. I’ve got books on monsters in the Bible, aliens, the supernatural world of the Bible, and even a stick figure comic book. Sadly my new allegorical fantasy book, The Rise of the Water Kingdom, didn’t arrive in time for the event, but I’ve got lots here to show people that I’m a pastor who cares about the kinds of topics they do and I don’t just brush them off.

Excited to see how this goes today! Three ways you can pray for us throughout the day:

  1. That the staff and vendors are touched by our presence here and that we network with them.
  2. That some more nerdy Christians join us.
  3. And most importantly, that we can be an in-road for those who don’t know Christ.

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