Writing for Nerd Church

Our church, 1208GREENWOOD, recently expanded on our mission to “create space, foster growth, love people, and love God,” by implementing the longterm vision to plant churches inside of our building that create space to reach those we’re not currently reaching. One of these churches was called, “Nerd Church,” but has now been aptly renamed, “1208-Bit.” It will be the first official launch of a 1208 church outside of our Sunday night dinner church.

I did a livestream from our church Facebook page today to show some of the ways I’ve been trying to build a bridge between church and nerd culture over the years in my writing and how I’m hoping these books will be helpful in our outreach to my fellow nerds in town. It’s an attempt to do what Paul did in Acts and use people’s culture to strike up a conversation with them.

I don’t necessarily plan on anyone buying these books at our advertising launch at MeggaXP (our city’s version of ComicCon), but I’ll have a few copies of my nerdier books present at our booth to strike up conversations and show people that we embrace all kinds of conversations that are sometimes shoved under the rug in church. We’ll also be handing out flyers that advertise our upcoming game night events, which will eventually evolve into the official launch of 1208-Bit come late fall/early winter.

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