Why Am I Writing a Book on Aliens?

I’d like to offer you an explanation in case you’re wondering why I would write a book on aliens and Christianity and possibly sabotage my writing career this early on. The main reason is because our society is wondering about their existence. The world cares deeply about this conversation and the church has often shunned both science-lovers and science itself, using “atheist” as a curse word and treating science as though it were the work of demons, when in actuality, God wants the credit for his creation.

Whether we’re pursuing God or science, the truth is that we share a lot in common. To some extents, we are on a quest for the same thing: an understanding of purpose, meaning and love—and for the Christian love is everything. Whether we can convince the scientifically-minded individual about God’s existence is not always certain, but we can always learn from their scientific endeavors in understanding the laws that make our world sing.

And if our world wants to know if other life exists out there, we too should show some interest so that we can speak to the theology of any future scientific proof, rather than reject it as Christians have traditionally done. Often, when new scientific evidence turns our world upside down we are infused with hatred and take on a defensive posture. We even get mad about people being atheist, as though it’s our right to decide their personal beliefs.

God made science. There is no need to be afraid of it. And if aliens do exist, we must acknowledge that God made them, too. I am writing this book because, to quote Walter Martin,

If there are other civilizations, if there is life in other worlds, then we need to take a good, long look at how this impacts the theology of the New Testament and the concept of salvation.

Martin, Walter, Jill Martin Rische, and Kurt Van Gorden. The Kingdom of the Occult. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2008, p 370.

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