Speaking at the Library Tonight

There wasn’t a ton to do in Three Oaks, MI in the 90’s, but somehow my friends and family managed to keep ourselves busy. Whether it was biking around town or playing on the playground, we learned to enjoy the day. Our trips to the library were always a joyous occasion—not only because of all the books and movies we could rent for free—but because of the special events that happened there. I always found myself amazed at the people who operated the marionettes so well and entertained all us kids.

Tonight is throwback to my hometown as I now get to be on the other side of the puzzle and be a part of the event going on at the library. I’ll be talking about writing and online presence and passing on a bunch of the tips I’ve learned over the years—from being in bands to working on the radio to pastoring to working part-time in communications to independent publishing. After 600+ pages of released writing this year, I’m excited to share my experience with you.

Join me at the Carnegie Branch of the Jackson District Library tonight from 5-7pm as we engage in the conversation together. Also, for the first time at an event, I will have copies of, A Taste of Jesusavailable for purchase. See ya in a bit!

Photo Credit: Jonathan Simcoe

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