Free Experimental Narnia Album

As the year comes to an end and the snow covers my city, I think back to the Narnia tribute album I released earlier this year. Everyone’s support of my work was super encouraging. I used to record music nonstop, but one day I just hit a wall and didn’t have it in me to do it much anymore. Over the course of a few years the only new music I wrote was worship songs for my church which was a huge decline in writing for me. Towards the end of that stretch I released a quick acoustic album of those songs and a more detailed EP of a few tracks.

The response to those works was great, but it was everyone’s response to, Of Lampposts and Lions, that finally got me back in the creative game. I posted the artwork my sister-in-law had made for the album and people seemed generally excited. This helped me go from writing hardly any music to putting together an 80 minute album in a very short amount of time.

I know a lot of the symbolism and sound effects in the album were lost on many as the Narnia series is seven books long and everyone really only knows, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. But should you ever read the whole series you may just find the album come to life. I love allegory, so Narnia is my favorite work of fiction and I strongly encourage you to submerge yourself in C.S. Lewis’ world. Perhaps I’ll make a post down the road explaining what the tracks are communicating.

The album is free (though you’re welcome to donate if you enjoy it). Again, thank you for your support. Had this album not gotten any downloads at the start of the year, I doubt I would have ever written a book this year (let alone two). So with that being said, enjoy the snow outside and here’s a soundtrack for you landscape!

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