The Holy Spirit & the Imagination

In today’s podcast, I work off of 1 Corinthians to explain that whatever you do to hear yourself think is what you need to do to hear God speak. We are all crafted differently and therefore connect with God in different ways. After explaining my own journey into discovering the Holy Spirit, I go on to give a testimony from my life as to how I have used my imagination to engage God’s voice.

Check out this message on 1208GREENWOOD’s webpage or simply subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. (If the episode is not there when you check the podcast feed, subscribe to the podcast on Apple’s app and it will show up soon.)

The story I told in this podcast about engaging God in a greenhouse can be found in my book, A Taste of Jesus. Other books that are good to read on the subject of imagining with God include the following from Greg Boyd: Escaping the MatrixPresent Perfect, Seeing is Believing.

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