When the Sky Goes Dark

There’s actually a great analogy within science as to why we should consider taking the supernatural world of the Bible more seriously. Our universe is currently expanding which is causing everything to move further and further apart from each other at faster and faster speeds. Eventually, distant galaxies will have moved so far away from us that the light they emit won’t be able to move fast enough to reach us anymore. This means that one day we will look up into deep space and be unable to see anything outside of our own galaxy.

If we were still around when that day comes, astronomers who study the sky will most likely think that nothing else exists outside of our galaxy. We today know just how painfully wrong this assumption would be, but they would look at us as an ancient culture with superstitious beliefs. There’s a good possibility that we would just be a joke to them.

Here’s where I’m going with this: the ancient culture that handed us our Scriptures speaks of supernatural beings, astrologers, witches, necromancers, conjurers, magicians, diviners, sorcery, signs and wonders, healings, exorcisms, miracles, prophets, and much, much more. Some of these supernatural things are of God and others are of evil. The Bible attests to a spiritual, supernatural world that is going on all around us—one that they were quite familiar with and engaged with as though it truly existed. Both followers of God and pagans knew the supernatural by experience and referenced it without a hint of doubt in their voice. God even acknowledges its existence by speaking so strongly against the supernatural ways of the enemy (Deut 18:9-14; Lev 19:31; 20:6, 27). He doesn’t imply that his people shouldn’t commit evil supernatural acts because it’s silly and superstitious, but because it’s a serious offense.

I suggest to you that the ancient world knew a piece of the puzzle that many (at least here in the West) do not know, because, like future scientists looking into deep space and seeing nothing but darkness, so we in modern times look into the supernatural and see nothing but darkness.

This is an excerpt from my book, Alien Theology.

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