150,000 Years of Debt

In today’s message we look at Jesus’ parable about a man who was released from a great debt, just to go and force one of his own debtors pay him. In this parable, Jesus teaches us to forgive others whatever their debt, as many times as necessary, for God has forgiven us our incredible debt. But what exactly is forgiveness? A lot of people think it’s forgetting or pretending something didn’t happen. But that’s not accurate. In this message I work off of R.T. Kendall’s work to help us see what exactly forgiveness is and isn’t.

NOTE: I meant to expand a bit on the “legal consequences” part of this message. While the court should be able to make consequences when necessary, I believe it is our job as Christians to be pro-life about the outcome. If we truly forgive someone, we should be able to fight against any kind of death penalty on behalf of our victimizer. We should be able to hope for the total redemption and salvation of that person. For more thoughts and stories on this, see Shane Claiborne’s book, Executing Grace.

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