New Book: God’s Grand Framework

I just released a new book today 🙂 The Bible has a huge overarching story that sometimes even long time Christians miss. In this short book, I try to connect all the elements together to help people answer some of the big questions of the faith and to understand the bigger vision as to why we’re here. Hope you enjoy! You can grab a physical or Kindle copy here.

Why do we exist? Why do bad things happen? What did Jesus do? What does the Holy Spirit do? Where are we headed? All of these questions and more are addressed in “God’s Grand Framework.” This book is Pastor Jamin Bradley’s big picture look at what the Bible has to say. It uses the overarching story that the Bible tells to address the many important questions Christians ask. If you’re tired of getting cliché answers to the important questions of the Christian faith, then “God’s Grand Framework” is for you. It will help you dive more deeply into the answers that Scripture gives us, push you to understand the full Biblical story better, and provoke you to think more deeply about some of Christianity’s most basic questions.

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