Christianity and Horror

I realize I already made a post on Christianity and horror today, but I made this podcast right before I did so. So here’s to those who want to go a little deeper in this 1208-Bit Nerd Church Podcast episode!

In this Halloween episode we reflect upon the horror of horrors: the cross of Jesus. Using Fleming Rutledge’s book, “The Crucifixion,” we remind ourselves of the gruesome historical details of the crucifixion Jesus endured in order to dethrone Satan, take kingship over the world, and bring about the forgiveness of sins and the resurrected life.

While horror is often treated as a theme that has nothing to do with Christianity, it is actually central to our own story—not just back then, but still today as people all around the world are martyred for Jesus. That being said, horror does have a discerning place in the Christian narrative as Jesus proves that even disasters can bring about powerful redemptive moments.

Join us as we discuss today’s theme and then chat with us about it on our Discord!

We Recommend, "The Most Reluctant Convert" 1208-Bit *Nerd Church

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