New Book: Spirit Infused Worship

In this short book, Pastor Jamin Bradley draws from deep Bible study and over 15 years of worship leading experience to address some of the topics that we often ignore. In these pages you’ll find practical tips for leading worship alongside the Holy Spirit, discover how the Bible sees our music and church services engaging with the spiritual realm, and learn how to create the space for your congregants to experience the intimacy of God.

On top of that, you’ll learn better how to navigate some of the stickier situations that have come about in our day and age, like discerning which songs to use in your services as the worship music industry tightens its grip on the church. You’ll also learn how to discern between the presence of the Holy Spirit and emotionalism, among many other things. There is much to talk about on the worship leading front, and this unique book aims to cover some of the topics that we often ignore by calling out the elephant in the room.

If you, too, want to chase passionately after God in your worship time and be practically discerning as to how you do it, then Spirit Infused Worship should prove to be useful to your craft as a musician and worship leader. May the conversations addressed here go on to bless you and help you as you enter the presence of God.

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