Seek the Presence Your Own Way (Pt 6)

As we conclude this week’s series on worship music, I’d like to say that I get it—some people don’t like music. They don’t like to sing and they just can’t seem to wrap their minds around a presence-infused worship service. To such people I’d like two say two quick things: (1) I don’t think your lack of desire constitutes a good reason to not engage in presence-music with the rest of the church, and (2) if you really don’t plug into God through music, find something that does engage you in presence-infused worship.

To expand on point number 1, it is unhelpful to the rest of the church for you to shrug off music. Music is an art that the Christian church has been practicing as a body for a long time (1 Cor 14:26) and it’s something we’ll be engaging in throughout eternity, so getting some practice in now is good for us. Your actions can change the temperature of the room and I find that it only takes a handful of bitter people to strip away the potential for a greater manifestation of the presence. You bring the presence with your presence. For the sake of the people around you and for your own spiritual life, make it count.

As for point number 2, I admit that when I’m not leading worship, I often engage God in some other fashion. Perhaps I’ll join the prayer team to pray over people as we enter the presence together. Or maybe I’ll pull out my tablet and read the Bible or a different book centered on God, or even do some Bible research. Maybe I’ll write down some journal notes or jot down a vision or prophetic word that came to mind. I do not feel compelled to have to sing the whole time, but what I do feel compelled to do is engage the Holy Spirit’s presence in some earnest way, shape or form with music as either my foreground or background. If music doesn’t work for you, then do something else that does. Use this time to engage the presence and allow God to grow you in this way.

This is an excerpt of my book, The Rush and the Rest.

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