Interview with the Chandler Center

So it’s a bit embarrassing really. I was told to get an interview with a man named Tom Jacobs who runs the Chandler Center in Lincoln Park, MI for this week’s SMC Podcast episode. I talked on the phone with him for about half an hour and as we wrapped up I said,

ME: Well, maybe I’ll meet you in person sometime!

TOM: Well, you may not remember but we’ve met before.

ME: Dang it! I knew I shouldn’t have said that!

TOM: Yeah, well you were still a little tike at the time. I used to do occasional things with your youth group and—

ME: Wait. You’re that Tom Jacobs!? Dude! I haven’t seen you in years!

I couldn’t believe that I had just talked on the phone for 30 minutes with a guy that I knew really well back in the day, but hadn’t seen in so long that I hadn’t put two and two together. Tom is a really gifted minister who has the innate ability to preach a message that will bring you to your knees in worship. And right now he’s doing a unique ministry out of a building called the Candler Center.

The Dearborn Free Methodist Church formed Revive Network in 2017 to provide services that help meet practical, emotional and relational needs in Metro Detroit. They envisioned a network of community service initiatives that work together for the common good of Metro Detroit residents. The Chandler Center was birthed when Revive Network leaders saw the opportunity to repurpose the building that was formally used by the Lincoln Park Free Methodist Church. The Center has provided exercise classes, financial counseling, food pantries, a clothes pantry, and the rental of the facility for family events. Revive Network also agreed to lease the facility to a Hispanic Church plant (Latinos Emaus Church) on Sunday mornings and two evenings a week for their services and other activities. Latinos Emaus will partner with the Revive Network team to serve the surrounding community.

Tom and Jennifer Jacobs, members and leaders at the Dearborn Free Methodist Church, are serving as Directors of the Chandler Center. Other possible initiatives for Revive Network and the Chandler Center include refugee outreach, counseling, life and leadership coaching, daycare, immigration assistance, citizenship preparation and urban farming.

All of that being said, it was fun to talk with Tom on the SMC Podcast and see yet another way that the Church can be the Church. Check it out by clicking one of the links below.

Check out this podcast episode on Southern Michigan Conference’s Webpage or simply subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.

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