R&R Review

Thanks to Scott Smith for his review on my audiobook version of The Rush and the Rest!

The Rush and the Rest is a powerful book that seems to span a lifetime of not only spiritual experience but in-depth research as well. The book has an unprecedented balance suitable for not only the seeker but also seasoned believers who would like to go deeper into the things of the Lord.

Interlaced in the book are personal stories, quips, and quotes that are perfectly placed for those with shorter attention spans like myself—and the narration is easy on the ears with great tone, inflection, and pace.

Just as the title hints at, this book is truly refreshing on several levels. If you’re looking to grow deeper in the Lord, if you’ve ever had questions about the Holy Spirit and other supernatural realities of the Divine, if you want to be challenged in your faith, you need this book in your library. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, and you’ll wonder for more of the Lord!

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