God Brainstorms with Others

In an intriguing passage, watcher angels deliver a message to King Nebuchadnezzar in a dream. They tell him that if he does not humble himself, he will be forcibly humbled by a psychotic episode in which he will live and act like a beast for a period of time. While this story is quite fascinating in and of itself, what is equally fascinating is that the watchers seem to claim that this sentence is their decree and decision, made under the One True God.

But what does this mean exactly? Did God make the decision and they carried it out? Or did they have something to do with making this decision? 

Another Bible story makes it entirely possible that they had something to do with making the decision. In 1 Kings 22, a prophet named Micaiah is brought into God’s courtroom to witness a decision being made by the heavenly host. It’s there that God issued the ultimatum that King Ahab would die in an upcoming battle, but God did not declare the fine details as to how He would get Ahab to enter that battle. He left the ultimatum before the divine council of the heavenly host and a spiritual being suggested that he could carry out God’s plan by being a lying spirit in the mouth of all of Ahab’s prophets. God listened to the spirit’s proposal and agreed that it would work, and so the spirit’s plan was sprung. 

This is a story of the divine council at work. While this council is made up of all of the various heavenly spiritual beings that serve God, these beings vary in hierarchy and function. Some are towards the top of the hierarchy because they are what the Old Testament calls “sons of God” and “princes” while some are further down the hierarchy as angels. While all the heavenly host are still all part of the council, there are lines drawn between the ways in which they serve God.

Though one of the things we can now picture as being done in this council, is brainstorming. Though God could work alone, He has chosen instead to work with others and to accept their thoughts, comments and ideas. They may very well make proposals that He’ll agree with and put into action.

This should speak volumes as to how we as Christians can collaborate with God to get His work done here on the earth. It’s not that He doesn’t have the answers Himself, but rather that He has chosen to work with both the spiritual and physical beings He has created to do His work.

This is an adapted excerpt from my new book, Fantasy IRL.

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