The Rise of the Water Kingdom (Paperback)

Well that happened quicker than usual! My new allegorical fantasy, The Rise of the Water Kingdom, was just approved by Amazon for paperback production! So now you can grab it in Kindle and Paperback form!

This book was especially inspired by Michael Heiser’s scholarly book, The Unseen Realm (which everyone should read), as well as the guys at The Bible Project, N.T. Wright, Greg Boyd, and Walter Wink. There are many other inspirations, but those scholars alone are enough to get your mind going for awhile 📖 🔥🤯

Of course, the Bible is the biggest focus of this book as the allegorical references are fairly constant once it gets going. That being said, I hope the way it’s written gives you a chance to see the gospel in a fresh and enjoyable light. 

As a pastor, I typically write non-fiction, so this book was my attempt to write my usual Biblical studies for a different audience. It’s my book, The Rush and the Rest, and, Fantasy IRL, in a form that fiction readers and nerds like myself might enjoy. Hope you all benefit from it in some way!

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