Responding to the Prophet’s Call

The prophetic life can be a hard life because it often requires us to share Godly messages with a world that doesn’t want to hear them. And ironically it’s sometimes outsiders like Nineveh who hear and respond with immediacy and insiders like Israel who kill the messenger. Sadly, the false prophets that gave Israel words they wanted to hear were the ones that Israel preferred to affirm. Unfortunately, the church does the same thing today.

We mustn’t fall into the same trap as our ancestors. When someone’s message takes on a prophetic tone and they suddenly come across as annoying or as a jerk, perhaps it’s not their spirit we need to check, but our own. Because if I’m honest with myself, sometimes the people I want to consider as the biggest jerks in the church are actually the ones who carry a Godly message my flesh doesn’t want to hear. The problem is not with them—it’s with me.

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