Episode 100: The Nephilim

IT’S OUR ONE-HUNDREDTH EPISODE! WOOO!!! And lo and behold, it lands on one of Jamin’s favorite obscure Bible themes to talk about: the nephilim. We’ve talked about them before here on the JXN Cloud, but today we dive deeper in to the topic. Got questions about the nephilim? Leave them in the comments below or on our Discord! https://www.jxncloud.com/discord

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  1. The statement “the Nephilim are actually a big story throughout the Bible and we’ve done an episode on the giants before” is doubly problematic. One issue is that you jump from the specific Hebrew term “Nephilim” to the vague, generic, subjective, and undefined English one “giants.” Also no, Nephilim are not a big story throughout the Bible: they lived pre-flood, did not survive it nor did they return in any way, shape, or form: end of story. Yet, there is one single post-flood reference to them within an “evil report” made by guys whom God rebuked: they just told a tall tale. Every other place you read of “giants” post-flood you are actually reading about “Rephaim” not about “Nephilim.”


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